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Getting Started with Research

Database Search Tips

You can search through the majority of the library's digital collections through EBSCO Discovery Service!
Use the information here to search for eBooks and articles from academic journals, magazines, newspapers all in one place.

You can find EBSCO Discovery Service by clicking the link above or through the library's website (as shown at right, click the "Advanced Search" link!). Then, sign in with your NHTI username and password
You can use EBSCO Discovery just like you would use your web browser. Simply type your search terms in the text box and hit the "Search" button! You can also specify "SU Subject Terms" as the search type—this will ensure that your search results are topically relevant to your search terms. 

In the above step, we searched for "palliative care," which retrieved 66,151 results. It's great that this was a very productive search, but what are some ways we can narrow this list down? We can try:

  • Adding additional search terms
  • Limiting our results to full-text (immediate pdf or html access to articles in their entirety)
  • Limiting our results to peer-reviewed items (pieces that have gone through a standardized review process for credibility and authority)
  • Specifying a publication date range (this list of results includes items published as far back as 1888)
  • Specifying a source type (ie. eBook, magazine, academic journal, etc.)