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Women in Literature: Women in Iran: Iranian Women Artists

“Woman, Life, Freedom”: Shirin Neshat’s Tooba
Tooba (2002) is a 12-minute video installation by Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat. Projected on two opposing screens, it centers around the image of a woman inside a tree, within a walled garden in the midst of a desert landscape.
The Many Shades of Iran’s Protest Art
In the four decades since the Islamic Revolution, Iranian artists have used clever tactics and unconventional modes of art-making to display disobedience.
Sevdaliza shares “Woman Life Freedom,” a song dedicated to the women of Iran
Sevdaliza, a Dutch-Iranian experimental pop songwriter who was born in Tehran, has shared “Woman Life Freedom,” a new song that was written “in support of women in Iran.”

BBC News, October 6, 2022

Three weeks ago, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in hospital after being arrested by the morality police in Tehran. Her death sparked protests across the country. More than 80 people have been killed so far as the protests spread around the world attracting the support of celebrities around the world, the protests have gone global. For 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran have imposed strict laws on women. But now women and men have taken to the streets to say enough is enough. BBC Persian correspondent

Jiyar Gol investigates whether these protests will permanently alter the fabric of Iranian society both inside and outside Iran.